Buying Motives
A buying motive is the reason why the customer purchase the goods. Motive is the driving force behind to purchase the goods. So, motive refers to thought, urge, feeling, emotion and drive which make the buyer to react in the form of a decision. Motivation explains the behaviour of the buyer why they are going to buy the goods. They buy the goods due to several motives such as economic, social, psychological etc. for example in winter seasons we are motivate to purchase the woolen clothes to protect from the cold. Likewise, we are motivated to purchase the fans in summer season to get the relief from the hot.
Knowledge of buying motive of customers is important for the producers and suppliers. The needs and desires of customers and their buying behaviour should be properly discussed. This will help them to take proper step for drawing the attention and sale the goods. So, buying motive is concerned with the reasons that impulse the buyer to take the decision for the action. It motives or induces the customers that may be affected due to several reasons such as pride, fashion, fear, safety, love and affection, comfort and convenience and economy. After analyzing and evaluating it, the producers as well as suppliers can effort to develop the product and advertisement creativity.
Different authors have classified buying motives in different ways. According to Malvin S.Hatrick, there are two classifications.
a. Primary buying motives: Primary buying motives are related to the basic needs of human being such as hunger, thirst, sleep, sex etc. Due to these needs people get motivated to purchase the goods.
b. Secondary buying motives: Secondary buying motives are those, which are influenced by the society where he is born and lives. It is created after fulfilling the basic needs. These motives are curiosity, comfort, security, love and affection.
It can be further classified under three main headings.
Classification of buying motives:
1. Emotional
a. love and affection
b. Curiosity
c. Fashion
d. Pride and Prestige
e. Sex and Romance
f. Fear

2. Rational
a. Economy
b. Utility
c. Comfort and convenience
d. Durability
e. Security

3. Patronage
a. Service Motive
b. Quality
c. Location
d. Store loyalty
e. Friendliness behaviour
1. Emotional Buying Motives: Buying motives based on feelings or passions are known as emotional buying motives. These motives are not based on judgement, but they purchase on the basis of motion. There are some motives/elements which are as follows.
a. Love and affection: It is an important buying motive which includes the buyers to purchase the goods. Due to love and affection to the children, we buy toys, dress biscuits etc. A husband may buy saris and cosmetics for his wife due to the love and affection.
b. Curiosity: Curiosity is the desire for new experience which motivates the people to buy the specific goods. Thus, to get the new experience, customers purchase the goods.
c. Fashion: It is an important motive that can change the mind of the customers. Generally, customers try to copy particularly the movie stars, sportsmen and athletes etc. So, all the producers advertise their products with the help of these popular personalities.
d. Pride and prestige: Due to the pride and prestige in the society, customers purchase expensive and luxuries goods in- order to maintain their status. They purchase toyota car, Karizma motorcycle, fifty-nine inch colour television etc. to get the high position in the society.
e. Sex and Romance: Sex and romance is another important emotional buying motive that induces the customers to purchase the goods. Due to sex and romance, they purchase fancy dress, cosmetic items, perfumes, shaving lotions etc.
f. Fear: People are generally afraid of losing their health, wealth and life. Thus, it motivates to purchase the goods such as insurance policy, hiring lockers in bank and membership of health club etc. These goods or services help them to avoid their fear.

2. Rational Buying Motives: Rational buying motives are those which are based on sound judgement. They purchase the goods through proper testing, comparing and observing the goods on the basis of price, quality, durability etc. This motive is important to the customers because it helps them to save the unnecessary cost. It includes the following motives.
a. Economy: Under this motives, the customer prefer that products which are more economy or cheap in price. To get more profit and discount, customers purchase such goods. This element attract and encourages the customers to buy such goods in large quantities.
b. Utility: Customers want to purchase that goods which have more or higher utility. Utility satisfies the wants of the customers.
c. Comfort and convenience: Every people has the desire to live in comfort and convenient way as a result they get motivated to purchase such goods which provide comfort and convenience. Customers purchase T.V., DVD, motorcycle, washing machines, heater, cooler, sofa set etc. for their pleasure and comfort.
d. Durability: It is another element of rational buying motive. Due to the durability of the products, customers are motivated to purchase the goods for example toyota car, pulsar motorcycle, sony TV etc are purchased due to their durability to use.
e. Security: It is important to the people. People are not feeling secure from the floods, earthquakes, theft, docoits etc. in the society. So, the customers purchase the key lockers, open the bank A/c and keep the watchman etc to be secured.

3. Patronage Buying Motive: When the customers purchase the goods or services on the basis of particular place, special discount, present price, decoration, behaviour and behaviour and other facilities are known as patronage buying motives. Following points are discussed under this motive.
a. Service motive: Service is an important motive which inspires the customers to purchase the goods. Customers purchase the goods to get the services, such as credit facility, home delivery facility, free installation, free repair and maintenance services.
b. Quality: Due to the quality of the goods, customers are motivated to purchase certain goods or services. If products assure the quality, the customers are even ready to pay the higher price of such goods.
c. Location: Location also affects to purchase the goods. Customers prefer to buy those goods which are easily available near their home or locality.
d. Store loyalty: Store loyalty is another important element which plays significant role in buying motive. We purchase different goods due to the loyalty of the store such as attractive appearances, trust in weight, quality, price etc.
e. Friendliness behaviour: Friendliness behaviour of salesman also affects the customers to purchase the goods from the same suppliers which is also discussed under the patronage buying motives.

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